MUNER Higher Education

Vehicles of the future will be very different from those running along our roads today. We are approaching a revolution that will make mobility an issue of flexibility, sustainability and intelligence, while still demanding speed, reduced weight and robustness. Even only keeping the pace with what is being developed in this sector is difficult, as innovation will be born at the boundary between different disciplines that have since now worked in different frameworks and with different tools. But young engineers will not only be called to keep the pace. Rather, the companies and the whole society will ask them to contribute with their talent to a change of paradigm unprecedented in the field: new materials, innovative powertrains, novel manufacturing and maintenance paradigms, on-board and connected intelligence, driver assistance, autonomous driving, fleet management, and much more will hit the process of designing, manufacturing and operating vehicles.

The school on “Future of automotive for intelligent mobility” is a MUNER-sponsored, intense education opportunity that aims at exposing young professionals to some of the cutting-edge trends in the automotive sector. It is a further step of the MUNER educational eco-system, born in the Italian Motor Valley, sponsored by the four universities of the Emilia Romagna Region as well as by ten of the world-wide most representative trademarks in the highest-end automotive segment, three second-tier international companies, and funded by the Regione Emilia Romagna.

Its conception and organization leverage on the capability of MUNER of managing top-level education in the automotive fields. In 2016 MUNER started a master course in Advanced Automotive dedicated to mechanical and electronic engineers that currently enrolls more than 250 students, in 2018 it took part in the definition of a multi-University PhD program in automotive, in 2019 established the series “The Motor Valley Experience” dedicated to high-school students and now begins two higher-education initiatives that include this “Future of automotive for intelligent mobility” school and the dedicated “Women in transport” school (previous editions were scheduled in 2020 but could not be held due to the COVID-19 emergency).